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Engineering week 2012 and Hackathon

on November 11th, 2012 at 8:47:57 PM

What do you get when you combine Acquians, BOFs, Drupal, a hackathon, paintball, and bowling? Acquia Engineering week, of course! Two weeks ago, nearly 70 members of the Acquia Engineering, Design, and OCTO teams gathered together for our 3rd annual Engineering week. It"s like an intimate five-day DrupalCon, where many of Acquia"s incredibly talented Drupalists, systems engineers, front-end engineers, automation engineers, writers, designers, and UX specialists gather to learn and have fun together.


Drupal Gardens adds indicators for restricted content, Modernizr and more!

on February 25th, 2012 at 10:54:40 PM

In this release the Drupal Gardens team continued enhancing our support for restricted content by adding visual indicators to help visitors see that certain users are privileged and certain content is restricted. By showing these indicators, site builders can help inform users that there are advantages to being more privileged members of a site. We also added support for the powerful Modernizr library to make it easier to crafting CSS that supports older browsers. Happy theming!

The Drupal Gardens service was updated with the following new features and enhancements:


  • Use images to show which

Drupal Gardens adds content access control, image tools, bulk operations, and more!

on February 3rd, 2012 at 8:53:24 PM

This is the 21st in our series of Drupal Gardens 'What's New' posts, and we think this one is especially worth celebrating. Need to restrict valuable content on your site to only privileged users? Want to crop, rotate or resize uploaded images in your posts? Wish you could click to perform bulk delete or other operations on lists of users, content or media? Long for better control over how comments are displayed on your site? With this release, we've got you covered. A lot went into making these features simple, but powerful. For content access control, we started with the powerful Taxonomy